Our most recent fishing reports from 2015. Updated each time we go so keep checking to see what we're catching.

May, 4th 2015

With a great wind forecast and a horrible full moon the night before, we left the dock with a full load looking for some rockfish. The bait was still in the same areas we saw it over the weekend but we did not see any fish around the bait. The bait was so thick we were snagging 8-10 inch bunker with our lures. We ended up fishing an extra couple hours trying to put some meat in the box but just couldn't manage to do it. We will be back out again this weekend hoping for less moonlight and hungry fish!

May, 2nd 2015

First trip of the 2015 Spring Trophy Rockfish season in Virginia. We went out blind hoping to have some luck. There were no reports from any where in the Virginia waters of the Bay so we were on our own. There appears to be plently of bait in our waters so far this year which will make fishing great! We managed to catch one 45 inch rockfish that weighed 31 pounds. Hope the big ones stick around for a while so we can keep catching!

July, 3rd 2015

Today we had Patty, Chuck and their grandchildren for a day of bottom fishing. The kids had fun catching a mix of bottom fish with a few other fish in the mix. Chuck caught a small cobia and a couple skates and rays were caught as well.

July, 5th 2015

This morning we ran to the bar to set up for a chumming trip targeting cobia. Got our lines in the water at the end of the outgoing tide with chum soaking in the water. Within 15 minutes of getting set we had our first run but failed to get a hook stuck in it. Reset the bait and another 10 minutes later the same line got hit again. Pulled in a 40 inch cobia and put him on ice. We had two more runs that didn't come tight and hooked into a couple of huge cownose rays. The bluefish and sharks were a pain constantly biting chunks off our baits. If you've never hooked into a cobia, give us a call to get on one of these hard pulling beasts.

July, 18th 2015

We made our first run offshore from Deltaville today. Left the dock at 8:00pm Friday night and headed to the Norfolk Canyon. Our trolliong spread hit the water before the sun showed itself for the day. We were hoping to find a bigeye tuna to start the day There was a lot of life in the water with porpoises and pilot whales on the surface all day and a lot of flying fish. We could not buy a bite on the troll so we decided to do some deep dropping on the edges. Ended up catching some nice size black sea bass and some very nice blue line tilefish. We had one good size bailer mahi come up to the boat while bottom fishing which we got a line to and put him in the fish box as well. Not the exciting drag pulling tuna we were hoping for but they are excellent on the table.